Her.self Event

It was a night that could only be best described with delightful memories of laughter, warmth, and a compelling message centered around the truth about who you are: perfect in every way.

This event took place on Saturday, October 5th at 7:30 pm.   This night featured the collaborative effort of beauty experts Erin from Erin Melinda Hair Studio, Amanda from Styled Silhouettes, and Pamela from Priceless Beauty.   Each of these boss babes shared their knowledge from being in the beauty industry for several years to help encourage guests to be confident with who they are no matter their age, shape, and size.

The purpose of this event was to connect women with one another on the basis of their shared struggle of “fitting in” to society’s misconstrued expectations about beauty standards. In addition, it served as a night where we could engage in discussion about how we can move past being in a negative mindset into a positive, proactive, and motivated one the with beauty tools given by Erin, Amanda, and Pamela.

Erin taught guests to OWN, ELEVATE, AND CELEBRATE their hair in practical ways--using different examples of peoples unique hair colour, cuts, and texture, as well as encouragement on using the right products and accessories!

Amanda provided guests with her proven formula of how to create the perfect outfit as well as the “secret” to successful shopping! She used examples of colourful and trendy articles of clothing in her clothing rack.

Pamela shared helpful tips and tricks to create the perfect 5 minute face and shed a light on the best product to enhance anyone’s makeup regimen with example to the products she used on her models face!

Everything was on sale and we of course had our semi-annual TAB promo on!

The night was completed with mouthwatering charcutterie and champagne! Each guest left with a goodie bag filled with various gift items.

Thanks to the generosity of The Pickering Facial Place, Starbucks, The Oshawa Center, Kimberley Scott from Dr. Vishal Sharma’s Plastic Surgery Office, Donna Tonner Travel Consultant, Allison Tannis, Chatterpaul’s, L’Oreal Professional, Cosmo Prof, Erin Melinda Hair Studio, Styled Silhouettes, and Priceless Beauty,  more than two handfuls of lucky ladies went home with fabulous gift prizes. We would also like to thank David’s Tea (PTC) for providing us with delicious tea! Finally, we want to thank our beautiful models Debbie and Zlatina for their time and beauty!

We could not have put on this event without the beautiful photography of Rowan and the countless volunteers including Elizabeth, Bethany, Lindsay, Bethany, Nick, and Melanie who gave their time to help make the evening a success!

We cannot wait until the next event that will be announced in the near future!




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